What Is Our Vision?

*To open the nation's first accredited Aquaponics school.

* To become the most viable economic driver in the Piedmont Triad since the founding of Cone Mills.

* Place privately owned Aquaponic farms in food deserts.

*A visitor center where people can actually see Aquaponics at work, view the fish, gain an overall understanding of how Aquaponics works and buy books, souvenirs, fish and produce all grown on site.

* Retail delivery of fish and produce to all areas of Greensboro with the ability to accept SNAP benefits on our trucks.

* A resource that is able to fund other non profit, economic development agencies throughout the city.

* A resource where those who are interested in Aquaponics can find reliable information, tools and suppliers. Expect to find some of that to start appearing on our Info page even before the school is built.

* Spin off many Aquaponics related businesses as almost none of the supplies are currently available locally.

* After school and summer programs for local public school students interested in Aquaponics.

* Wholesale fish and produce to local restaurants and grocery stores.

* Implement Aquaponic farmers cooperatives for the good of farmers and communities alike, provide loans when necessary and establish best practices.

*Promote North Carolina agriculture worldwide.

Got ideas for what Bessemer Aquaponics should become? Send me an e-mail at or leave a message on our Bessemer Aquaponics Facebook page.